Chris Rubino
Jr Vice Commander - Navy

Native of Connecticut, but now calls Florida home.  Been a member of the VFW since 2004.  Became active after retirement from the US Navy, as the QM for Post 10211 in Key Largo.  When I moved to Fort Myers in 2014, I joined up with Post 10097. Held position of House Committee Chairman for over a year, and then moved on to Junior Vice which is my current position.

Graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina with a BA in Political Science/Law and Criminal Justice, and a minor in Accounting.  27 year Veteran of the US Navy as a QM for 15 years and as an MAA for 12 years.  Mostly brown water navy.  Retired as a Command Senior Chief of an Expeditionary Warfare Security Division.  Also a 20 year, retired Law Enforcement Officer from New Haven, CT.  And received a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement Management from the University of New Haven.
Until recently was the Commanding Officer of Sea Cadet Gulf Eagle Division in Cape Coral.  Also the Treasurer for the Navy League Suncoast Council, in Punta Gorda.  And hopefully the Precinct 2 Committeeman for the Republican Party at the next election.